Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ready to Deliver

Completed the project this morning and am quite pleased with how the whole thing turned out.  The goal was to keep the patina on the table top yet not have it junky.  I used Johnson paste wax to achieve that.  It's interesting to note that the little drop pull on the drawer is one that I've been carrying around for about 35 years or so -- not even sure  where I picked it up but it fits well on this piece.

Here's a photo of what I'll call a "Matched Pair".  I like the way the cane ties the two pieces together, making the shelf stabilized the table so now my client will be able to use it again.  Well, wonder what the next project will be?  I know we need a small bench by the front door to sit at while we put on our shoes, you know I really enjoyed weaving the seat ---- hmmmm, sounds like I have it!

A Matched Pair

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