Sunday, June 12, 2011

Like an Open Book

     For your reading pleasure I've just book matched these beautiful boards that are destined to become glasses cases.  For the refined and quiet look there is a piece of Spanish Cedar on the right.  This is a popular wood for making cigar humidors.  For the more flamboyant reader the wood in the center is African Paduak.  For the discriminating reader that just wants that quiet elegance the board on the right is Goncalo Alves.  I went to Woodworkers Source in Phoenix last Wednesday because they are a good source for exotic species like these.  I also picked up some Walnut for an upcoming commission -- more on that later.
    At this point it is still speculation but after my meeting with the folks at Obika I feel pretty confident that this will be a marketable item.  In the foreground is the template that I've been working on for the cases.  With this configuration, the sides are 1/4" thick  and I've left the maximum amount of space for the glasses to fit into.  At this point, the wood has been book matched and planed to exactly 3/4" in thickness.  I should be able to yield 10-12 cases.  Next step will be to make a drill press jig to locate the Soss hinges, this has to be precise because there is absolutely no adjustment on them.  They either fit or it's scrap!
     I've just been commossioned to make a side table that will feature a heirloom piece of Marble that was quarried by the great grandfather out of a quarry located in Vermont.  The piece of marble is beautiful and about 12" square.  Soon as I draw up the design I'll get started on it.  It's pretty awesome to be entrusted with this heirloom and have the responsibility of creating a piece of furniture that will preserve it for generations to come.

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