Thursday, February 23, 2012

Time to Put it to Bed!

Acanthus Leave
     This is a photo of what I've been able to accomplish on Monday, Tuesday, and part of Wednesday until Ian Agrell told me "it's time to put it to bed"!  That's the expression he uses when he figures it's time to move on to something new.  I can see that this is similar to when Diane would be working on a painting and finally decide that it's done and walk away from it.  This is something that's hard to do because you look at what you've done and know that a little tweak here or there could improve it.  Unfortunately, you could do this forever and still not be satisfied with your results!  I think anyone working on an artistic level is rarely satisfied with their work --- there's always a little something we think we can do to improve it.  By the way, the wood is African Mahogany -- remember the troubles I had with it on the wine cupboards?
     I brought two, small picture frames and hope to learn techniques on those that I can take home Saturday and use in my work.  I was right in thinking that these five days would be real intense, that they are!!

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