Thursday, April 19, 2012

Modeling the Leaf

Ready to Tackle the Bottom Leaf
     After quite a bit of careful work I'm ready to tackle the next phase of the carve which is referred to as modeling.  Now's the time to make this flat piece of wood look as if it's actually alive and dimensional.  No easy task to say the least.  Diane has been giving me the drawing lessons and I find that sometimes what I visualize in my head gets lost on it's way to my hands!  My carving buddy told me that he would spend time studying how leaves, twigs, berries, whatever look in nature.  Also spent time studying other carvings.  The trick for me is to have my hands guide the chisel to do what I think it should.  Just like an artist that paints, the brush stroke looks best when it's one continuous and confident path from start to finish.  Same thing applies to carving.  Another thing to consider is knowing when to stop and taking the time to step away from the work and observe it from a distance to get the over-all look -- time to do it!

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