Saturday, September 15, 2012

My Official Show Announcement!

     Well, after working on and towards this moment it's time to share the official announcement for my box show.  If you click on this LINK , you'll be taken to the website of the Urban Ranch General Store.  From there you'll be able to get the full details.  The Urban Ranch General Store is the design studio of Durette Candito.  She, along with Suzanne Silk, will have her work displayed at the show as well.  Durette used to have her Interior Design studio on Main Street but those of you who are local will recall how a blast at the Nevada Power facility across from her devastated her studio along with the Attic and an Opportunity Village building.  Her new location features all of her fantastic hardware and finds from around the world.  She is a well known interior designer as well and I've been privileged to do some work for her in the past.

     For this show my intent was to design and build a collection of boxes that were artistic as well as useful.  There will be 29 boxes to choose from and, as is part of my design ethic, I wanted the wood to be the star.  Some of the boxes feature intricate joinery like this one made of Walnut and Canarywood.

Canary Tails

     Also included are some boxes that incorporate a carved and gilded top along with exotic wood.

The Gilded Cat

     Wood has always been a fascination to me.  The textures, colors, and grain patterns seem to be endless.  My earliest recollections of being attracted to it was in doctors offices where they had wood veneered doors.  To this day I see animals, mysterious figures, and all kinds of designs in the wood.

Splined Leopard
    I hope that many of you can find the time to see the show.  It's this Thursday from 5:00 to 8:00 and the address can be found on the link I gave at the beginning of this post.  I'm pretty excited, I'd get excited too every time Diane had a painting juried into a show and we'd go to the opening.  Now I have to add some nervousness to it because it's my first ever show!

Hope to see you there -- John


  1. Nicely done, John. I wish I could be there to see your work.

  2. Congratulations on your upcoming show, John! You have worked very, very hard for it. I have noted the date and time, and hopefully we will be able to stop by and say "hello".
    Take care!