Wednesday, June 16, 2010

At Your Service

Here is the latest frame that I've gilded with 22 kt. leaf.  The panel gave me lots of problems and I believe that was because now my gilding conditions were too humid!  It turned out to be a blessing in disguise though.  The painting that Diane started for this shows the doorman in his uniform.  It is pretty common for a doorman's uniform to have braided, gold epaulets.  Diane thought the coiled rope details I'd carved into the frame echoed that concept.  When the panel was all gold it seemed to overpower the painting.  Since I wasn't happy with the gold in the panel anyway we decided to paint it out and both of us think it turned out for the best.  Now the frame and painting are cohesive, the strong, vertical elements of the door are complimented by the black panel of the frame.  The gold was rubbed back to replicate age and we think the whole thing works well together.  Diane has mentioned that this may be an entry in an upcoming show!

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