Saturday, June 5, 2010

Back to the DRY HEAT

   Here is the first picture of the frame I'm currently working on, I refer to it as my Coiled Rope design.  At this point I've applied about 7  coats of gesso and then a thin witness coat of red clay.  In this shot, most of the red has been sanded off with 400 grit paper.  I've found that the Norton 3X works well for this but have to resist the temptation of being too "Dutch" and trying to use the paper past it's prime.  I know that's false economy and as you can see by the pile of used up paper, you go through quite a bit.  I've also found that by using tadpole sanders it works better because unlike your fingers, the tadpoles stay flat and true.  Also easy to use a profile to get into the tight spots.  Your goal, at this point, is to sand off the red witness coat leaving a smooth gesso to begin to lay your clay (bole) on.  As I write this, I've applied three coats of yellow bole and will apply at least four coats of red tomorrow.
    On another note, now I know how those long distance truckers feel!  We came back from Seattle by way of Twin Falls, ID.  One long day drive to there and then a fairly long drive again to Las Vegas.  We got home on Wednesday and then Thursday saw me back on the road to deliver the chair for the Design in Wood show in Del Mar.  Did that on in one day - 652 miles.  The opening day of the show is next Friday so we plan to be there for that.  After spending two weeks in the rainy Northwest, coming back to 108+ degree Las Vegas was a change.  I was sanding in the shop and noticed that the gesso, which once was perfectly smooth, had these weird, wrinkly bumps on it.  Turns out it was the sweat on my hands and face dripping down and ruining my sanding work!  Using my upstairs bathroom turned humid gilding room for this frame to (hopefully) eliminate the static problem I had on the Ali frame.  Will probably start to gild either tomorrow afternoon or Monday.  Waiting for a reply on a job I recently bid for a TV lift cabinet.

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