Saturday, July 10, 2010

First Blog of TV Lift Cabinet

    I've purchased most of the materials for the TV lift cabinet I've been commissioned to build through Durette Candito Design studio.  This will be done in a French Provincial style; carved feet, scrolls, and  gilded details are a signature of that style.  I've found a new source (for me) of wood components by the name of Premier Wood Products.  They were easy to work with and I actually talked to a live person!  They sent me a PDF file of the foot I was interested in and it's proudly stamped: "Made in America", gotta like that!  Here's a picture of it as well as the column leg I created for this project:

As you can see, it's quite a nice scroll foot.  At this point I've laid out the curve for the bottom.  This particular job will be faux finished to replicate the period.  Since faux finishing is not in my bag of tricks, it will be done by the same painter who's been working on this project already.  You can see how the legs have a fluted detail that will be gilded. To soften the curve and give it a finished edge there will be composition material along the bottom.  I've ordered lots of composition material for this project and threw in a couple so I can make some frames for Diane.

I'll be using a Nexus brand, single post lift system.  I already have it and once the cabinet is assembled that will be put into place.  From my research, this is one of the quietest systems and being a single post it won't be prone to the racking problem I've heard that can occur with systems that utilize it.  One of the things that impressed me enough to use the Nexus brand is that it has a 5 year warranty, it's made in Phoenix, and when I called and emailed them they responded right away.  Customer service is so very important in this business, whether you're a small one man shop like me or a huge commercial concern it really makes a difference.

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