Saturday, April 2, 2011

Frame's Done

Here is the latest project, finished and ready to be delivered to my client.  I like how it came out and didn't realize how the finish on the quarter sawn White Oak meshed so nicely with the amber colored glass. This was constructed with traditional mortise and tenon joinery.  After gluing and clamping the frame, holes were drilled in each corner that went through the tenons, but not all the way through the frame.  These were then pegged with Ebony dowels that I had made for the stool project.
 As is customary, there had to be a little issue at the end -- this time it had to do with the brass screws I needed to attach the retaining strips on the back.  Even though these will rarely be seen I wanted them to match the era of the glass.  That means they just had to have a slotted head not a phillips.  I know, picky, picky, picky but hey, if it's worth doing it has to be right.  The big box stores didn't have the 4 x 1/2" brass that I needed so got the 5/8" long ones, you know the Chinese ones that don't have the threads cut into them but are just stamped so they will twist into a piece of styrofoam if you're very careful!  There's a hardware store here in Las Vegas called McFadden-Dale that I just love.  It's reminiscent of the lumber yard/hardware store I worked in as a kid and young adult.  Rows and rows of bins full of all kinds of stuff -- wonderful!  They had the right size and right quality so I bought a hundred of the little suckers.  Pre-drilled holes, bees wax, and a steady hand so the screwdriver didn't slip out of the slot and scratch the wood and we're done!

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