Sunday, April 17, 2011

Latest Project

It's been a while since I've updated the blog so here's what's been happening in the shop.  I decided to carve and gild a frame that is inspired  by the Art Nouveau style.  It's a style I really enjoy, things just seem to flow from one element to the next.  Of course, admiring it and being able to replicate it are two different things!

Here's the design I came up with.  My technique is to use double back tape and apply it to a thin piece of copper sheet that I have left over from another project.  This is cut out on the scroll saw.  The advantage I see here is that by cutting it out of the thin copper you merely have to flip it over to give you a right and left view.  This way the design can be drawn the same in all corners of the frame.

Carving is one of the skills that I keep working on.  Just like anything else, if you watch someone that has been doing it for years it looks effortless.  Not complaining but I have a ways to go to reach that point but know that with every frame and every stroke of the chisel my work is getting closer to what I want.  Here's the work in progress.

In this last picture I have the frame completely carved and sanded.  It also has a sealing coat of rabbit skin glue on it in preparation for the multiple coats of gesso followed by the bole (clay) which is the groundwork before the actual gilding process can begin.

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