Friday, October 14, 2011

Update on Entertainment Center Doors

     After a week in Spokane visiting my grandson and celebrating his first birthday it's back to the shop.  Actually had withdrawal symptoms from not spending time working the wood but the time spent with him, Jennifer, Rich and that side of the family was priceless.  It's too bad it's a bit more than a "drive across town" but what can you do?  Just relish the time together and keep it up.
     So, the doors hit that production stage.  Since I'm using Eurostyle, 35mm cup hinges it was a matter of setting up the drill press and boring each hole:

35 mm for CupHinge
     I always like to reference them from the center and in this case, each hole was drilled 4" from the center of the door.  A fence marked with the center line of the bit and located 4mm from the edge of the door made this pretty straight forward.
      Next was the mockup for the hinge bases.  This is a full inset application so I needed to make another jig to locate the holes for the base.  You can see that on the angled section of the mdf scrap I used for making the mockup.

Door Mockup
     In theory, it should be a pretty straight forward installation.  I need to add some filler pieces to the center plus a door stop to put between the two sets of doors.  The plan is to use a 2" wide piece of painters tape on the inside of the cabinet, mark the center line, then draw a line 4" each way.  If you look at the jig in the picture, you can just barely see a line scratched into the plastic between the two mounting holes.  By lining that up with the line drawn on the tape things should be good.  The nice thing about this type of hinge is that it's pretty simple to adjust, much easier than mortising in a butt hinge!  Once that's done the client will stain and finish then simply snap them back into position and we're good to go.
     Not to sure what the next project will be but I am still working on the tables and have a picture frame idea brewing in my head --- yeah, I know; another hair brained scheme!

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