Saturday, October 29, 2011

Woodworks by John: First Look and an Offset Tenon

First Look!
     You know how when you go to the movies they play previews and trivia before you get to the feature? Well, in keeping with that theme here is the first look of the table.  It's just a dry-fit and already I've sat on it to check it's stability.  You can see how the drawer is off center, there's one on the opposite side as well.  The table will nestle between two cabinets (yet to be built) so that's why the drawer is off center.  Obviously, the top needs sizing and planing.
     A big concern for this table was to design it with stability to support sewing machines and handle their vibrations and also to allow full access underneath it.  That meant a center stretcher couldn't be used in its' design.  The apron is 4 1/4" wide which allowed using offset tenons.  Here's a picture of how they were designed:

Offset Tenons
The first thing to notice is the full, 1/2" deep mortise to prevent the apron from twisting.  To get the maximum depth on the tenon I chose to offset them rather than have them meet inside of the leg with a miter.  Wanted to have the maximum "meat" left in the leg and this solves that.  The leg is 1 3/4" square and the tenon is 1 1/4" long so I think we're good

Cleaning Mortise
After chopping out the mortise I wanted it to be a consistent depth in the entire haunched section.  Using a Stanley #271 router plane accomplished that.

Tenon Detail
     The tenon was pretty straight forward as well.  The first step was to draw a line 1/2" up from the shoulder.  I used a piece of plywood to set that.  After transferring the full tenon location it was simply cut out.  The only problem encountered here is that my dovetail saw's depth was limited by the back so I needed to finish the long cut with a flush cut saw.
     As of now, the two ends of the table are assembled so today will find me doing the drawer runners, drawers, and starting work on the top.  Happy to say that Diane will paint it, I have an aversion to painting wood!

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  1. John,

    I don't like painting wood either. You're doing a wonderful job. Looks great!!