Wednesday, May 1, 2013

FOUND -- The rest of my Mallet!

Easier With a Handle
     If you read my last blog you know my mallet that I've had for 40+ years finally decided it had done its last joint and broke at the handle.  I considered taking the Dutch way out and trying to repair it but that would have just been a temporary fix at best.  So I bit the bullet and went shopping on the net.  I  prefer to buy from like minded folks like me, those small shops making hand crafted items because that's what they love to do.  Diane and I fall into that category with our Etsy stores.  Anyway, I found a seller on Ebay that goes by New England Hardwoods, here's a LINK to his store.  I shared that gorgeous flame Birch mallet on facebook and it's a beauty!

Too Thick in the Middle

     Of course, I had to perform a Pegandectomy to put this mallet on the wall.  Hey, I'm a teacher and part of my credential allows me to make up words as needed!  This mallet is a bit fatter than the old one.

Out With the Old

     The first step to a successful Pegandectomy is to surgically remove the old peg.

Replacement Peg being Bored

     This is followed by carefully boring another hole to compensate for the larger girth of the replacement mallet.

Looks Like it Belongs

    The new peg is carefully sized and inserted with compatible glue and allowed to dry.  No stitches or sutures required if sized properly!  As you can see, the entire Pegandectomy operation was a success and the flame Birch mallet has found itself a new home!


  1. Would it be worth drilling a hole in the head of the lignum vitae mallet and then add a new handle?

  2. Steve, that had definitely crossed my mind along with buying a lathe and turning my own mallet!! The lignum vitae was well worn, checked, and chipped so decided it was time to treat myself to a new one. I recall buying it through Popular Mechanics magazine along with a set of Marples blue handled chisels in early 1970's.

  3. I really like your work bench shown on top of the page. Might you have plans to sell for one.