Sunday, May 26, 2013

It's Been a While!

     Since Diane and I are planning to try a craft fair I need to focus more on building inventory.  Doing the boxes is different from building furniture on a custom basis because you really have no idea of who your customer will be.  I must admit that I prefer furniture but this keeps me in the shop and makes me self-supporting so to speak!  The fair we're going to try to get in is held in Summerlin, during the fall, and there is a jury that will determine whether or not we qualify for a space.
     Part of the process is that we take photographs of our booth and submit them.  Hmmm, since this is our first endeavor we don't have a booth or pictures of it!  Diane does such a good job researching different booths on the internet and always has a sense of what's needed, sure do appreciate that.  We did purchase a 10'x10', white, Easy-Up shade structure that was offered by Big 5 Sporting Goods.  Didn't have any luck on Craig's List finding one in white as is required by the fair.  Next up is building the displays to hold my boxes and her dolls.  It's a process but we're up for the challenge and interested in seeing how our work is accepted by the public.  Both of our Etsy stores seem to be on a slow streak right now.
     Here are the three boxes I completed this week.  They're all of the Slanted Dovetail series and pretty darn labor intensive.  I like how they turned out though.

Sapele and Lacewood

Walnut and Curly Cherry

Walnut and Lacewood
     Looking at the photographs I'm reminded of my saying: "it's all about the wood", doubt I'll ever get tired of the beauty and variations of this material.  The two boxes with the Lacewood have a bottom  lined with a piece of 100% wool while the Curly Cherry box is lined with brown leather and features a sliding tray for more storage options.

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