Monday, June 24, 2013

I'm Moving !!

Well, I'm not moving physically but my blog is:

Please keep following me on Wordpress, my new blog address is:

     This is post number 408 that I've made using the Blogger platform.  It shows that I have 35 followers on here and this makes me feel pretty darn good!  I really enjoy writing this blog and sharing my passion and experiences with you.  I always welcome your questions and thoughts.  So maybe you're thinking; Why move?
     There are a couple of reasons but here's the main ones:

  • Lots of spam has been coming across the Blogger site, everything from diet to sites I'd rather not see linking to mine -- you can imagine what I'm talking about!  Daily I need to weed out 5-6 of these things
  • I want to put everything on-line at one address, the one above.  Anyone should be able to put Woodworks by John in a search engine and have me pop up
  • My goal is to not only have the blog at Wordpress but also my on-line portfolio of previous work and projects rather than having a separate website to showcase my work
  • Your comments and requests for custom work can be accessed from this one site
     I'd really appreciate it if you would visit my new site and click on the "Follow Blog" button on the right hand side.  It's a work in progress but I'll keep on top of it.  Should you run across any problems on the new site please contact me to let me know.  Also, feel free to offer any suggestions to make it user friendly.  Diane has been great in helping me set this site up, couldn't do it without her!  Here in Las Vegas it's been getting pretty darn hot -- predicted highs for the end of the week range from 110-114 so once the shop hits 100 or so I'm heading in doors!  That's supposed to be my computer time so I'll work on the new site then.
     In the meantime, thanks for following me all these years and I hope you continue to do so on the new, Wordpress site.



  1. John, with temperatures like that, I think you should make a geographical move as well! :-)

    Don’t forget to go to and submit your new URL information so we can continue to see your current blogs posted there. I think many of us use the Unplugged Shop site to read the most current of many of the hand tool and hybrid woodworking blogs.

    Thanks, Dean

  2. Hi Dean, that's on my list of things to do. Much rather be working the wood but computers and networking is important. Could you talk me through how to go about transferring my blog address? Thanks -- John

    1. The only way I know to communicate your information John, is to go to and let them know that you are changing the URL of your website from TO As far as I can tell this “email” goes to Joseph Sellers. I don’t know how often Joseph checks his email or how long it will take him to update (or have someone else update) your entry on their website.