Monday, January 18, 2010

Fitting the Top & Bottom Panels

I spent most of  today laying out the dados in each piece for the panels.  After that the panels were rabbeted to fit the dados.  First step was using a rabbeting bit in the router table and then fine tuning them with a #90 Stanley rabbet plane as shown in this picture.  The cases are approximately 26" long so any variation in the flatness of the panels has to be dealt with.  The problem is always to decide how much play is needed to allow for the normal expansion and contraction of the wood.  I'd rather have a little more play, especially since it's been raining most of the day and the humidity actually needs to be considered!  Just the thought of assembly and having all of those fingers to apply glue to and clamp as quickly as possible before the glue sets up makes me anxious!  I'm going to use liquid hide glue this time since it has an open time of 10 minutes.  I've also read that it's easier to clean up with warm water even after it's dry.  Before assembly though I need to finish the tops and bottoms of each panel.  The exterior will have Watco oil while the interior will be shellac and wax.

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