Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mission Picture Frame

Well, here is one of the corners of the completed frame.   I took it to Larry at Artistic Framing, , so that he can mat the print, do his magic to keep the print looking good forever and place the matted print and glass into the frame.  Glad  to have it complete and now it's back to the pistol case project.  Yesterday I went to Peterman Lumber to find a nice piece of maple for the panel the pistols will be displayed in.  I lucked out and was able to find a nice piece of curly soft maple.  Since the panel needs to be 9+ inches wide it was necessary to joint the edges and laminate them together.  The trick is that besides the 3/4" thick panel needed for the pistol I also need a 3/8" piece to make the lid for the storage compartment.  I believe in having the grain run continuously all the way through, from one end of the box to the other end.  The lid is less than 7" long and my planer won't do a piece that short -- I do like hand planing but not a 7" piece of curly maple!   Got that one figured out and I'll share that in my next blog.

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