Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Problem Solved!

In my last post I mentioned the slight dilemma about getting that continuos grain pattern with the limited amount curly maple I had.  What you see on the assembly table is the inserts for the pistols -- they net out at about 3/4".  The piece that is still in the clamps will be planed down to about 3/8" for the doors that go over the storage compartment.  Anybody remember those types of clamps?  I picked them up for $10.00 each at a garage sale and they really work to glue up a flat panel.  The guy I bought them from was complaining about how difficult they were to use because glue sticks to them and wax paper wouldn't stay put.  I solved that problem by screwing full lengths of that UHMW plastic to them -- nothing sticks to that stuff!

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