Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bookcase Progress

This is the part of a project that only takes 10-15 minutes but getting to it takes much longer.  My design for the bookcase is to make it in two sections, this way the shelves span about 23" and with the solid wood facing there won't be any risk of bowing.  You'll notice the dado on the back of the vertical members, this is for the tongue on the plywood sides.  I know some would use nails or a couple of biscuits to join the frame to the carcass but I prefer a full tongue and groove, glued and clamped even though it takes a bit more time to fit.  What you see here is the bottom of the left case.  The step you see on the right piece is where the two cases will meet.  It took a while to get the set up right on the shaper but the main design element of this project is the triple bead running up the center and on the fronts of all the shelves

Here is the top of the right side case.  You'll notice the triple bead detail and what you can't see is that underneath the beads there is a step.  When I install them, this step will go over the left case which has a matching step cut into it.  The triple bead will end up being centered between the two cases which span a total of 51".  I came up with this design as an alternative to clamping and screwing the two parts together like a kitchen cabinet would be.  They will be joined together underneath the recessed KV track for the adjustable shelf system.

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