Sunday, February 7, 2010

Love my Torsion Boxes !!

  In one of my blog entries (early December) I showed you how I built these torsion boxes.  It was something I had thought about but it wasn't until Larry Yule from gave a demonstration at the Sin City Woodworkers meeting that I decided to give them a try.  These replaced a huge and heavy, 4' x 8' assembly table that always seemed to be in the way.
  Although there is some distortion in this picture I think you can get the idea.  You're looking at one of the bookcases and how I was able to place the torsion boxes to glue on the face frame.  In the background there is the other unit already assembled.  As I've mentioned previously, I glue face frames to the carcass with a tongue on the plywood and a groove in the frame. It's always been a hassle to get the clamps towards the center of the case.  With the torsion box I simple slid them out on the sawhorses and clamped the frame, carcass, and torsion box as one unit.  Since the torsion boxes are square the case will be too --- nice!
  Currently I'm working with the Watco oil and using tints to match the existing bookcase to the units I'm making.  Almost there, seems as if Burnt Umber does the trick.  Enjoy your Supper Bowl Party today.

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