Friday, April 16, 2010

Hardware Arrived !!

    The hardware for the crib arrived yesterday afternoon -- thanks UPS.  I'm really glad I didn't go ahead and drill the holes for the inserts.  The plans called for a 13/32" hole but when I tried them on a scrap piece there was no way that would work.  Next I tried 7/16" and was able to start the insert but it tore up the face of the board as I inserted it.  Went to a 1/2" which was too big so settled on the last option of 15/32" which will work.  One thing I will say though is that the instructions for the hardware installation are sketchy at best.  I called Rockler tech support which emailed me an additional sheet and also called the company that makes the hardware.  Between the phone calls I think I've got it dialed in right. There are also a number of pilot holes to drill and even though the plans called for a 3/32" I found that in the hard Maple I'm using 1/8" is a better choice.
    This morning was spent doing the last of the machine work and happy to say, the dusty and noisy aspect is done.  After lunch it's time to use a smooth plane to give each surface it's final surfacing before assembly.  Also need to dissolve the shellac flakes in preparation for the finish.  Putting all of the slats into the top and bottom rails will take more than my two hands to accomplish -- thank goodness Diane is good at helping me when needed.  It'll have to be an early morning job because it's starting to warm up and I'll need all of the open glue time that I can get.  I've also begun carving a new frame so I don't get too rusty on gilding.  The plan is to work on it between coats of shellac.

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