Saturday, April 17, 2010

Memories Jennifer? Making Good Progress

Hey Jennifer, want to come to the shop and create some cool bag people?  Now there's a fun memory, used to really love having you in the shop pasting on the shavings to make those people on paper bags.  Darn environmentalists now you'd have to try and stick them on plastic!  Not too bad really 'cuz we saved the tree.  Anyway the crib is coming along well.  The very thing that makes the interesting and interlocking grain texture on the maple also makes it difficult to work.  My plane is a much improved model from when you were at the bench (so to speak) but even so it's challenging. Some of the grain will only respond to a properly sharpened card scraper but my goal is to only use abrasives between coats of shellac.  There's something special about hand planed/scraped surfaces vs. a sanded one -- just a sheen you can't get any other way.

This is the exciting part of any project, the time you start to glue all the parts and pieces together.  This morning I assembled both end pieces before the temperature got too warm.  It's up to 82 degrees in there this afternoon so I wouldn't have enough open time or hands to do more.  We're supposed to have a cooling trend early this week so then Diane and I will tackle the gates together.  Since there are 15 slats that means 30 mortise and tenon joints to glue and clamp.  I'll use liquid hide glue which has an open time of about ten minutes.  Another advantage to that type of glue is that, should your little one kick through one of the slats, liquid hide glue can be wetted and disassembled to replace one.  Whew, I've never done that but I'm sure the breaking won't happen!  Looking forward to delivering your guys crib and a long overdue visit.  Do I need to bring any other tools for other projects?

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  1. Thanks for another great post, John! Jen has told me this story many times and great to hear it from you too! I love the image of you and Jen in the shop together. The fact you are now willing to take on this project for our little "peanut" makes it all just that much better. Thanks!