Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Making Progress -- Gates are Done

   The weather cooperated with us and it was cool enough this morning to get the 30 joints glued, clamped, squared, and ready to go.  Weatherman says we're going to drop from a high of 82 or so today to 62 or so tomorrow -- playing with us now.
Anyway, thought I'd show how this all went together.  Diane took one side and I took the other and applied glue into the mortises only, the last thing I want is a lot of squeeze out to clean up.  Then we started at one end and partially inserted the tenon (3/4" long) and worked from one side to the other.  As we progressed I took one of those "play" clamps, you know the kind where you squeeze the handle but they really don't get that tight, and held things together temporarily.  As we got tho the farthest end, I used the "real" clamps to apply some serious pressure.  Once four of them were in place and the tenons about 2/3 of the way in I slid a pipe clamp diagonally to square the whole assembly up -- worked great!!  In the background you can see one of the end pieces with the Walnut pyramids glued and clamped into place.
    Tomorrow is the meeting of the Sin City Woodworkers and I volunteered to do a demonstration on gilding.  Spent about 3 hours typing out my notes and getting the samples ready.  Even after 31 years in the classroom I still tend to get a little nervous about doing presentations but with the notes and a little less caffeine am confident it will go well.  I enjoy teaching/sharing what I know and am willing to give the members individual help if they want it on the oil gilding techniques.  Water gilding with 22kt. gold is a different story because it's much more involved.

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