Sunday, May 9, 2010

Crib's Done!!

     Whenever a project is finished there's always a case of those "postpartum blues" which is something Jennifer will probably go through at the end of September.  Never having been pregnant I've only experienced it after completing an ultra race or finishing a project.  For that time, you were focused on completing whatever your goal was. That's what you spent your waking (and sometimes sleeping) brain power on and now that your goal has been reached, you're left with a little sadness.  Times like that I like to think about where you've come from, the starting point.  That's shown in the first picture.  From several board feet of Maple we ended up with this.
      Finally able to get a half way decent shot of how the cap pieces have some of the most astounding grain I've ever seen in Curly/Birdseye Maple.  Can't wait to deliver it and see a grandson in it.

         Congratulations Richard & Jennifer                                  


  1. John, the crib is just so beautiful! Reading your blogs has been such a treat and very educational. Thank you allowing all of us who anxiously await the birth of Jennifer and Richard's son to share in the making of his crib. Each and every time I see our little grandchild in his crib I will reflect back to the countless hours his awesome grandfather spent so lovingly making this crib.
    Kathy Denenny

  2. Thanks Kathy, Richard said you're on Facebook and I tried to find you but no luck! It'd be a way to keep in touch.