Saturday, May 15, 2010

Update and a OMG!

Now that I finished the crib for my daughter and her husband I got started on the gesso process of the latest picture frame.  I had been working on the carving between coats of shellac and other finishing touches on the frame.  Well, I got an email last night that pretty much blew me away!!  The chair that I have been working on for several years was accepted into the 29th Design in Wood competition.  This takes place during the San Diego County Fair which opens June 11th.  I really feel honored that I was juried in.  The design started several years ago and a couple of prototypes later, this is my final result:

 It's made of Canarywood and is one of a set of six that go with the Dutch Pull Out dining table I made right after I retired.  There are ebony accents in the through tenons for the back stretchers and also buttons to cover the screws that secure the laminated back.  My design concept was to use large dovetails on the front stretcher and the chairs have been in use for quite a while now with no sign of joint problems.  I initially made a outdoor bench this way and I like the honest look of exposed joinery.  It's been out in the Las Vegas elements for 6-8 years and is holding up fine.

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