Thursday, August 4, 2011

Class Cabinet Complete

WoodItIs! Hand Tool Class Project
     The cabinet is complete and I just had to hang it on a piece of plywood to get the full effect and see how it will look from different angles.  This will be the project for the class at WoodItIs! that is scheduled for September 6th. through the 22nd. on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.  Making the project and the plans has really gotten me excited about teaching it.  Although I've given one on one lessons in my shop, having more people adds that interaction which makes a class enjoyable and challenging.  Like Jamie stated in the class description I do have a real passion for woodworking and hope to pass it on to the students.  Even though this wood is a substitute for Mahogany (plantation grown, eco friendly to keep up with the latest trend!) it works differently. In an earlier post I'd mentioned how the grain seduced me into buying this particular piece and it really finished nicely, beautiful glow and the color is pleasing to the eye.  I hope that by showing the students how a simply made scratch stock can add that subtle detail to the sides they'll make one for themselves rather than grabbing a router.

Walnut Pull

      Another thing to share is being able to take scraps and odd pieces of wood to make your own handles and pulls.  This just adds another touch to it and is well worth the time and effort in my opinion.  This is a piece of Walnut with carved indentations for your finger to latch onto.

In Use
     So, what can you use this cabinet for?  Any number of things really.  Here I just put a couple of books on it, you could use it to display a couple of pictures.  The drawer is a place to put your keys, writing supplies, secret stuff, or whatever.  My goal for the class is that everyone in it learns new techniques and an appreciation of wood and it's beauty.  My philosophy has always been trying to teach ways to do woodwork without spending a fortune on machinery.  I may sound like a Renaissance man but I figure if it was done with stunning results before we should be able to accomplish it now as well.  It's only when we add the commercial aspect to this process that the pleasure of working with our hands diminishes.

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