Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Class is a Definite Go!

Class Project
     I received word from Jamie this morning that the hand tool class is now officially on the schedule at her school.  We weren't sure if the required number of students  would sign up but after she notified all of former her students with an email sign ups came briskly and we're both pleased.  The only place she had on her schedule was a twice weekly class during the day.  Many of her students are work night shifts or are retired so a day time class is ideal for them.  She thought the sticking point may of been the twice weekly meetings, Tuesday & Thursday.  You can see her complete schedule and more info about her school from this  LINK .
     I'm really looking forward to teaching this class.  According to Jamie, many of her students have asked about hand tool instruction so she approached me about designing a project for it.  The results of that are in the picture above.  The majority of the joinery is hand cut dovetails.  We'll begin with through dovetails to join the top to the sides, here there are only two tails.  To join the bottom to the sides we'll add a few more tails with some unequal spacing and sizes just to mix things up a bit.  I plan to introduce them to making and using a scratch stock.  That's what was used to form the profile on the front, curved edge.  The dovetails continue to the drawer front but this time they are half blind -- more of a challenge!  We'll leave the rear of the drawer simpler, grooved only.  Depending on how much time we'll have, students can either create their own drawer pull or else buy one.  The wood used is Cumala which is a plantation grown species that can be used in place of Mahogany.  If you've never had the pleasure of working with genuine Mahogany you don't know what you're missing but the Cumala will have to do -- it's not a bad substitute.

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