Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wow, I've been Published!

Picture Framing Magazine  August 2011
    This is really cool and something I definitely want to share!  Much to the chagrin of any of my high school English teachers, this foreign boy that couldn't quite seem to grasp the language (or show any interest in doing so!) has been published in a nationally distributed trade magazine -- wow, I'm stoked!  It all started when I saw a how to article in the magazine which started the wheels turning.  As a teacher I wrote many how-to's and developed plans of projects and thought I could do as good of a job as the article I saw in PFM.  I had recently completed work on a set of frames for Diane so I approached Picture Framing Magazine with my idea for a story using those particular frames.  They are inspired by the frames that James McNeil Whistler did for some of his work.  Most people are aware of him because of his famous painting, Whistler's Mother.
     At first they didn't seem to excited about this article so I let it lie.  I sent them some photographs of Diane's paintings in the frame and explained what I had in mind.  I let it go and put it out of my mind and wouldn't you know it, they started pursuing me!  The editor called several times from New Jersey and once again, writing and doing a photo series for the article really intrigued me.  The process was long and pretty involved but Diane and I have decided that we're all about the process, it's equally important to us as the final result.  During the discussions and emails with the editor I got a clear picture of what they wanted and formulated a plan to achieve that.  Obviously, since the frames for Diane were already completed I needed to replicate the process and document it with photographs and text.  This was done, I sent them a CD with about 25 pictures on it and also emailed the article to them. The article called me and we fine tuned it and now, here we have it, a 4 page article with 9 pictures illustration who to get from a raw piece of Oak to a finished frame --- what fun!

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