Monday, November 7, 2011

Aww, paintings not so bad!

Alfie likes the new Table
     This week decided to turn drastically cold so there was no way I'd let Diane honor her commitment to paint her new studio furniture out in the unheated shop.  In spite of my grumbling, painting isn't all that bad especially when Alfie is so happy to have a new table!!
     Yep, that's Alfie -- a second generation of Diane's creations.  If you haven't seen her shop and blog here is a LINK to her Etsy store.  Alfie has evolved somewhat.  First off you'll notice her segmented legs and knee joint (wish Di would make me a new knee joint) which allows her to sit.  Some added weight to her feet help her do that as well.  More shape to the head will make the hair more realistic and easier to style.  Diane likened the first generation heads as trying to put hair on a bagel!  Alfie is a real cutie, she got her name Alpha, meaning the first, and also in honor of Diane's Mom who had an Alfa Romeo which was affectionately named Alfie.

     As for the remaining studio furniture here is a shot of the table:

Table with Machines and Alfie
     This table will eventually be flanked by these two bookcases, they will replace the wooden toned MDF one you see in the corner:

Bookcases Approx. 23" x 72" each
     These cases will have a back installed.  Each narrow space near the center will house two, fairly shallow (2+") drawers.  These  will be divided for thread, bobbins, ribbons, etc.  The space directly below the drawers will have a pair of doors with a clear yet textured glass.  We went to a stained glass studio in town last week and Di's picked out some really neat stuff.  The top of the table will be level with the top of the drawer section to present a continuos plane.  Each drawer and door will have a crystal knob installed, you can see it on the table drawer.

     All in all, this studio make Diane designed is going to give her a great place to work and create the Rag Dolls Rising.  You've got to see them, they are cute and would be great for any child.


  1. Very nice, John! Di should be very happy with the new furniture for her studio!

  2. Oh my, and when are you going to transport all your tools and make the sewing center I've been wanting for the last 25 years or so. (just kiddin, of did a great job, lucky Diane!!!