Thursday, November 17, 2011

It's Finished !!

   Happy to say the finishing touches were put on Diane's studio today and it's just how she wanted and designed it to be.  We picked up the doors from the Glass Art Studio here in Las Vegas, decided to let them install the glass as I was sure they can run a much finer bead of silicon than I can.  Besides, they charged just slightly more than a tube of it would have cost us.  We also got a different bulb temperature of lighting but will probably need to add some more light to the entire studio space.  Diane has some task lighting but for the work she's doing the studio needs to be completely well lit.
     Here's a few pictures of the finished project, first off, this is the left side of the space:

Left Side
     The lighting doesn't show off the glass and the crystal knobs.  See the wooden horse on the top shelf?  I brought that with me from Holland when we came to the states in 1956!  It's been glued a multitude of times and the tails long gone but it's one of two childhood toys I have.  The other is a teddy bear I recall getting for Sinter Klaus in 1955.  Okay, back to the project.  You can now see the two drawers in the case that are in line with the table top.  Di will keep one of her machines on this side of the table and store any needed items in the drawer below.

Right Side
     Here is the right side of the studio.  Everything is pretty much the same and you can see the patterned glass and the crystal knobs illuminated from the light coming in through the window.  Diane's inspiration for the table was found in a magazine or web search as was the cabinetry.  She then worked the design to suit her requirements and the space we had and she's very happy with it.  I'm happy too that the table is plenty sturdy for the machines, especially the serger.  When that thing gets going it moves!!  It used to be on an L-shaped desk upstairs and when it was in use we needed to put an extra support under the corner of it.

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  1. This is the most fantastic space, you're the greatest for making it for me!