Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Koda Cremation Box is Finished

Curly Maple with Finger Joints

     I've blogged about the special cremation box I was commissioned to make through my Etsy Store , here is the finished project.  It's always difficult to capture the chatoyance of wood in a photograph but it does show up nicely.  The finish is clear shellac and I'm waiting a few days to rub it out before I ship it to my client.  I use Liberon wax and synthetic  steel wool for that process but want the shellac to cure properly first.  The picture is pretty true to the actual color of the wood which was chosen because it echoes the beautiful coloration of Koda.  Here is his picture, what do you think of the color match?

In Memory of Koda
     These are the types of projects that have a special meaning; not only to the client, but also to me for being able to create something that has a personal meaning for them.  I hope it's exactly what they had in mind to honor their special dog.

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