Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Walnut Table Bases

The Total View
     It's very unusual for me to be able to see and share a photograph of one of my projects in its entirety.    You may recall that last summer I was working on a job building some table bases for a client who was in the process of a major remodel.  They had a set of three tables with some beautiful Travertine tops but the ornate bases didn't go with their vision for their living room.  They commissioned me to design and build the bases you see in the picture above.  They had promised to send me a photograph of the room when it was complete and here it is!  It's a real treat for me to see one of my projects in its final setting so thought I'd share it with you.


  1. gorgeous tables. I love the straight lines, much better than the European metal scroll that you often see on a marble topped table. In fact I love a straight lined metal base also, but the wood bases you made are beautiful.

  2. This is a great site and I love your coffee table, you did such a good job on it and it fits perfectly with the room. I love the country style look with old rusted wood interior. We just bought a antique dinning room table that I wanted to re-do. I have been looking for different table bases to use. I really want to go with an old wood and white frame. I have also seen table base ideas such as using tree trunks and big tiled pots. I think those ideas are for a more contemporary style but I really like the country look. Maybe a travertine top would also go well with a white base but we will have to see.

    1. Hi John, thanks for your comments. I don't know if you're a woodworker or not but if you click on the Labels icon that says "Walnut Table Bases" you'll be able to see the construction process of these. I've also changed my blog/portfolio to Wordpress: http://woodworksbyjohn.com I invite you to check it out as well.