Wednesday, November 11, 2009

 Just wanted to share a photo of the dining chairs I've been working on and have mentioned in the past.  They're my original design and I refer to them as my Dovetail Chair.  Very difficult to photograph without a lot of distortion but the front stretcher is dovetailed into the leg.  This is a technique I tried on a bench out in the garden several years ago and it's still holding together.  The wood used is Canarywood and there are ebony plugs on the laminated back and also to wedge the tenons for the back stretcher.  There are six chairs to this set and they go with the table I made earlier.
As for the pistol cases I received a great compliment -- he ordered 2 more that are identical for Christmas presents and told me he had a gun for himself that he wants me to design a different case for.  He also thought that I'd copied the design for the case from one he had seen at the Smithsonian Museum, pretty good company to be included with!
Work has started on the two cases, I found some African Mahogany that has some pretty distinct, ribbon grain.  Reminds me of a chocolate ribbon cake -- I'll post some pictures soon.

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