Friday, November 27, 2009


Well, decided that I really need to construct a shed because every time I move in the shop I either seem to run into something or else have to move "stuff".  At the side of the house I can construct a 4' x 8' shed. In Craig's List I found a good deal on some wire metal shelving so I picked that up on Wednesday.  Went to Home Depot today and got the material for the foundation and walls.  There is a concrete slab so the plan is to put the shed on that, next to the house.  Since the slab is sloped away from the house I needed to taper my 2x4 pressure treated lumber by a 1/2" in the 4' direction.  This was done with the bandsaw but all the pieces weren't perfectly level.
How else would a furniture maker them that way?; why with a plane -- of course!  I clamped the pieces together and went to work.  What a difference planing green, pressure treated Douglas Fir as opposed to the mahogany I've been working with for the pistol cases.  Richard, my neighbor, helped me move the foundation outside.  To make it easier I assembled the framework in the shop.  As always, I probably went over-kill on it as I pre-drilled and then screwed it all together with deck screws.  Tomorrow I'll start the framing the walls and attaching the subfloor.

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