Friday, November 13, 2009

What's Happening Now?

This weekend we have a wedding coming up and it's pretty exciting to say the least!  The progress on the two pistol cases is going well.  Currently I'm working on what's probably the most time consuming part of it (other than finishing) and that's making the panel that the pistol and powder horn are inserted in to.  The first  step is to cut them out on the scroll saw which doesn't leave a real good square or smooth opening.  I've learned that it's actually easier and better to fine tune the openings with a chisel rather than files or rasps.  This is especially true with the end grain -- a sharp chisel will shave cut that smoothly, almost like cutting dovetails.  Both inserts are ready and the next phase will be to cut a mortise in the back to make the barrel rest for the pistol.

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