Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pistol Case Completed

After a good 30 hours of work the pistol case is now ready to be delivered to my client.  All it's lacking is an engraved nameplate for his son that he had me make this case for.  I'm quite pleased with the final product.  I believe it achieves everything it was supposed to.  It's a good looking example of woodworking, it holds the pistol and the items needed for it, and last of all it's a safe and attractive way to transport the pistol.  The approximate dimensions of it are 5" tall by 11" wide and 26" long.
The pictures below shows how the pistol fits into the case along with the powder horn.  I decided to use a latch to close the storage compartment.  It's lined with leather and will hold the balls, caps, and wads.

I hope readers of this blog have enjoyed seeing the process as much as I've enjoyed creating this case.  If anyone is interested in any details of the construction or would just like to comment on this piece please feel free to do so.  The next item I plan on putting on my blog are the dining chairs I recently completed.  I'm going to challenge myself in another way by trying to use my new MacBook computer instead of the PC I've been using now.  Bear with me though, I seem to be pretty slow when it comes to learning new computer oriented stuff!

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