Saturday, December 5, 2009

Need a fancy name for "Shed"

The shed has taken quite a long while to do.  Although it's fairly small (4' x8') working alone takes extra steps.  I got some help from Richard to bring the foundation and floor out of the garage and then in position.  Used a textured, pre-primed siding with 8" o.c. resawn board effect.  Boy, that textured material is a chore to paint!  Painted everything prior to installation then gave it all a second coat after setting the nails.  As luck would have it, I needed about one and a half bundles of shingles.  Sometimes I think a small project like this takes more time, seems as if I'm always either bumping into things or moving them to make room.  It's going to be worth the effort though if I can get things out of my shop area and into it.  Doing all of the shelves inside from the metal type  used in closets that I found on Craig's list, used a combination of 12" and 16" and it makes it seem as if there's more room inside.  Last thing for next week is to make the door from 6/4 poplar.  It'll be panel and frame with deep mortises to withstand the weather.  We know it's a shed but to call it that makes it sound like %$*(#,  how about storage cabiniste, you know, give it that sophisticated sound like Target.  Maybe I'll post a picture when the door is done, supposed to have a chance of rain/snow flurries Monday so glad the roof is up.

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