Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Shed Shelving

I've been asked to show the inside of the shelf, this is the best shot I could get of how I staggered the shelving.  The cleats that are screwed to the wall are spaced at 16", I knew I wasn't going to spend a ton of money for the brackets so by running the shelves the full length of the wall they weren't needed.  You may be able to see the cleats that I used to support the back of the shelf as well.  I even have a light mounted inside now, I needed a place to put my work lamp other than hanging from the garage door hardware so I could always bump my head on it.  I hung it on the ceiling rafter and let the plug out of the ventilation space at the back of the shed.  You can't see it but should I need light all I have to do is run an extension cord.
On another, positive note I spoke with the man who commissioned me to make the first pistol cases.  The first one was given to his son as he returned from Afghanistan.  There was also a promotion ceremony so many of the 101st. Airborne were present.  From what I was told, the pistol case was very well received and admired and many wanted to have a similar case for their own pistols.  Could definitely create that niche market that we, as woodworkers, are looking for.  I'll keep you posted, I meet with him tomorrow to deliver the two I just completed and hopefully get a commission for another!

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