Saturday, December 12, 2009

Staying warm by Planing !

  This is one of the pieces for the door I'm making for the shed.  It's been pretty rainy and cold, at least for Las Vegas standards, so jointing the edge with my No. 7 corrugated Stanley Plane not only gave me a smooth edge, it also kept me warm!  The door was made using the textured piece of OSB that covers the shed and some 6/4 Poplar.  Decided to make it with 1 1/2" long, 3/8" tenons.  One of the pieces has a bit of a crook to it but it looks as if it'll hold okay since that's the side I put the hinges on.  Used Gorilla glue to help withstand the elements.  At this point, the rain has kept me from doing too much outside but the roof doesn't leak.  Early this morning I managed to paint the door frame and molding around it by making a makeshift roof out of a plastic tarp.  I wanted to get the first coat of paint on it before the predicted rains for this afternoon.  According to the latest weather report the rain should taper off during the day Sunday so hopefully I'll be able to get everything done.  I've completed the other two pistol cases and now I'm waiting for a break in the weather so I can photograph them.  I'll definitely put them on the blog when that's done.  I keep thinking that they may be a good niche market for me.

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