Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

Well here it is the last day of the year and we're on to a new one already!  I feel as if I'm off to a blessed start because I have deposits for two more pistol cases.  They will be the same general design as before but for different pistols and an added feature of having a spare cylinder in the case as well.  I'll keep doing my blog to keep you informed.  I've also been commissioned to make a Walnut picture frame in the Mission style.  I selected a really nice piece of 5/4 Walnut from Peterman this morning.  The frame will feature through tenons with an ebony peg in each corner.
But best of all, the torsion boxes are done and the shop seems larger already!  This picture shows them set up and ready to be used as an out feed table for the saw.  At this level it can also be used to place sheet goods on right out of the van or an assembly table. Anxious to use it and see if all the articles I've seen about them are true.  I did give them a coat of amber shellac that was just about at its expiration date.  The top surfaces have sacrificial pieces of 1/4" masonite screwed on.

 When they are not being used I can store them like this.  It really opens up the shop so maybe I won't feel like I'm tripping over things as I work.  The two pieces of wood on top of the B&D Workmates are used to set the boxes even with the top of the table saw.

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