Tuesday, December 15, 2009

As promised - Finished Shed

Well, here it is the final work is done and the shed has been complete.  I must admit that I'm quite pleased with it.  Although the footprint is only 4'x8' and the 3 1/2" thickness of the walls reduced that it will be very functional.  Our biggest concern is that we didn't want it to look like an out building on a ramshackle farm!  I won't bore you with any interior pictures but there are 4 sets of 12" wire shelving on the back wall, ditto that on the wall closest to the door and the opposite wall has 16" wide shelves. They're staggered in the corners so they run the full length and width of the shed. Plenty of room for "stuff" as well as jigs I use for my woodworking.  Diane is helping me design a new business card to showcase the pistol cases.  There is a gun show this weekend at Cashman Field  and the plan is to go there, strike up a conversation or two, and try to drum up some business.  The pistol cases may be a good item, even in this economy ---- wish me luck!

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