Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ali Framed and Finished!!

Here it is, the largest frame I've ever gilded with genuine, 22 kt gold.  You know I'm pretty patient but this took the majority of the day Saturday.  I did break for lunch and dinner but pretty much a twelve hour project!  I see I cut part of the frame off in the picture but it's the same on both sides and I'm wanting to go on to the next project.  Had some difficulties laying the gold because of the static I seem to generate.  I even get a static shock when I'm just walking around and then get a drink of water or wash my hands -- soon as I hit the water then ZAP! the electricity shoots to my mouth or hands.  In spite of that I'm quite pleased with the results, water gilding is a very labor intensive process.  This frame is 16" x 20" and if I had done it in composition gold it would have taken about two hours.  I used a raw sienna, dead flat finish on the edges and used rottenstone to antique the gold and give that aged appearance.  The carved, inter-twining  ribbon was burnished to achieve that molten gold look I really like.  Well, this painting will be shipped to the OPA show in Scottsdale, it takes place during the end of April.

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