Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The New Project -- With JOY!

   Starting a new project is always an exciting time for me, just like ending one that has consumed me is a downer.  Here you see about 42 board feet of 8/4 Hard Maple that is destined to become a crib for my daughter and her husbands first child!!  It's really hard for most to imagine this pile of wood becoming something useful and beautiful but that's the thrill of being a woodworker.  I ordered the plans and will get all of the necessary hardware from Rockler.  This will involve lots of resawing but hopefully me and the bandsaw are up to the task.
    Once I get into this maybe I can schedule making the demonstration pistol case into my work load too.  And ...... have another design for a frame I want to carve and gild but this time the kid's bathroom will turn into my gilding room so I can set up a humidifier and hopefully eliminate much of the static I had on the Ali frame.  I'll keep everyone up to date.

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  1. Thanks John for giving all of us the gift of watching you lovingly make your first precious little grand childs crib!I started to cry the minute I read "The New project -- With JOY". Congratulations!
    Kathy Denenny