Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Frame Emergency X's Two!!

     After my weekend in the bay area I came back to the shop to work on the Ali frame.  That's when the first emergency hit -- the yellow clay I prepared was too thick and rather than being safe and stopping I applied it to the entire frame.  Since I hadn't worked with wet clay before I failed to thin it enough before I added the gelatin.  Luckily for me I was able to contact Barbara Carter and she gave me some advice on how to rectify it.  I was told that I should always prepare some test strips, I decided that I can use the sides of the frame for my test strips since I had originally planned on painting them.  I'll find out if this plan will work for me.
    The other emergency is that the Weatherburn Gallery in Florida needs some of Diane's new work.  One that she submitted is AJ's Kitchen and we decided that the frame we had for that was too feminine and flowery.  This picture is  of the frame I did yesterday from some basswood.  It's a fairly simple design but gives a nice, wide panel to surround the picture with.  I'll use composition gold on the outer, carved edge then spray the frame a flat black.  Once the black is completely cured I'll take a cotton ball with wax on it and carefully wipe the black away from the edge to reveal the gold and replicate some age to the frame.  The first step prior to that was to brush on a coat of Venetian Red burnisher/sealer from Rolco.  Should take care of that emergency.
     After the 9-10 hour drive on Saturday and then the return trip on Monday I must admit I'm kinda draggin' but will persevere!

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