Friday, September 9, 2011

Second Day of Class

     The second day of class was another successful one.  During the first day everyone began cutting the materials needed for the cabinet after making a practice dovetail or two.  We started off today getting the material prepped for the cabinet sides.  These need to be surfaced to 5/8" thickness so we had a slight bottle neck at the planer but we worked through all of that.  The class is small (5 students) and everyone gets along well with one and other unlike the team on last nights Project Runway -- bet you're surprised I watch and like that show!
Power Tools to Size Material
     One of the goals for this class session was to discuss ways to create what's called a "fair curve".  I brought a couple of spokeshaves for this that they all had the chance to use.  Since the emphasis of the class is hand tools the spokeshave works just as well (better in my opinion) than an oscillating spindle sander and leaves a much cleaner finish on the wood.
Initial Curve Cut on Bandsaw

There are several ways to lay out a curve but we used a thin, flexible piece of wood and clamped that to the starting point of the arc.  It was then flexed until the curve suited their design and a line was penciled in.  After taping both side pieces together, the bandsaw was used to cut it out.

Working Intently
Scribing Line for Dovetail on Tail Board
Laying out the Tails on the Tail Board

Use of a Spokeshave to Achieve a "Fair Curve"

One of the things that's always satisfying as a teacher is to watch your students work at what you've taught.  Look at how intent everyone is to accomplish the task at hand -- love it!

Jamie, the owner/operator/principal/and everything else related to WoodItIs was impressed with how well everyone is working and having success at this complex bit of wood joinery.  She couldn't help but appreciate the quietness in the room as everyone worked on their projects compared to the noise of the machine room.  Love those hand tools -- hope to pass some of that along to them as well.

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