Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Work Goes On Intently

     Had a wonderful day of work in the class, sure was nice to have the coolness of our first rainstorm in a long time here in the desert.  It's just proof that this dry climate becomes something we're accustomed to here with our woodwork.  The sample cabinet I made for the class regained its "cup" on the shelf and now the drawer will barely open!  You may recall that this particular piece of material cupped badly after I had surfaced it the night before a storm in July.  Unfortunately, by that time work had already begun on the joinery so re-surfacing it was not an option.
     Here's the class in action, our goal is to glue the main portion of the cabinet together tomorrow and then begin work on the drawer  --- hope all of our wood is stabilized!

Precise Dovetail Work, notice the sample Cabinet in foreground

Intently Paying Attention to the Task at Hand

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