Monday, December 3, 2012

Can You Use Your Imagination?

Top & Bottom Panels

     Saturday and Sunday saw the Sapele panels for the Celtic Flute case getting their initial finish coats. I think they look very "musical" if that's possible.  The ribbon grain of the Sapele lends itself to a classical look you'd associate with a piano or other stringed instrument.  Currently it has the initial coat of Danish Oil sanded in with 320 grit wet/dry paper and the first of 4 top coats which are also hand sanded with successively finer grits of paper ending with denim.
     As for the inside of the case it's in the initial stages.  Here you can see the parts dry fit together to get the dimensions correct.  The chrome object you see is my sizer -- aka a 1 1/2" socket!

Inside of Celtic Flute Case
     This will be assembled with glue and small brads.  In my next post I'll show how I form some coved pieces to create the rounded interior portion required for the flute parts to nestle in.  Once this structure is complete it will be shellacked to seal it prior to applying the felt.  After the box is assembled and the lid is separated, this unit will slip into it and be held in place with the dust check.  I decided to tackle this using the same technique used for my pistol cases.  Should the felt ever need to be replaced, which is doubtful, this piece that cradles the flute can be removed simply by unscrewing the dust check.

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