Friday, December 7, 2012

When Your Theory Pans Out

It Worked!

     I had an earlier blog about the Celtic Flute case where the challenge of custom work was praised but the uncertainty of an untried process could undermine the over-all success.  Even saying that though, that's the part of doing this kind of work that keeps you motivated.  At left is the completely formed and lined inner compartment for the flute.  The socket at the top was used as a gauge because the largest diameter of the flute matches it ; 1 1/2".

In a previous post I discussed how the recesses with their rounded bottoms were formed.  In this post I'll go over the process I used to line them with the 100% wool felt.

     The first step was to protect the ends that have already been shellacked and are completely finished.  This was done with painters tape then carefully trimmed so it was only on the sides but none on the bottom.

Taping Off the Insert
     Diane and I discussed the best approach to this and we decided that starting from the center was the best way to go about this.  The outer edges were protected with tape and then the inner surfaces were covered with spray adhesive.  That tape was removed from the outer edges so the felt wouldn't stick there before the inside walls, cove, and bottom were covered.  Because the application started from the center, the outer ends helped align and keep everything square.  I waited a bit for the adhesive to set and then began working it down the side, cove, bottom and then back up the other side.  Here's what it looked like then:

Before Final Glueing 
     The side was protected once again, didn't want a glue layer there that could prevent the insert from sliding into the box.  A layer of newspaper was placed  over the box and the glue sprayed on.

Ready to Glue One Outer Edge
     Next, the tape is removed so the only glue is on the upper edge and some on the back of the felt as well.  This was securely glued down and the process was repeated on the opposite edge.

Ready for Final Trimming
    Once the glue was set up and everything properly cured, a fresh blade in the utility knife trimmed off the excess and this step of the box is complete.  Also hand sanded the first of 5 coats in to the assembled box with 400 grit wet/dry paper.  The nameplate is ready so that was picked up from the trophy shop so hinging, fabricating the handle, and final assembly is what remains to be done.

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