Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Construction Details

As with all projects a lot of thinking and planning goes into them to make it all come together.  The problem here was to assemble the interior of the case in such a way that it could be dissassembled in case the leather or foam needs to be replaced, those are the only things that could wear out.  I've posted a sketch to help you see how I solved this dilemma.  First off, the case is finger jointed and the bottom and top panels float in rabbets.  I decided that the best thing to do was create a "sandwich" with a 1/4" piece of Baltic Birch plywood on the bottom.  A 3/4" spacer was attached to that around its perimeter.  Next is the fitted piece that holds the pistol and powder horn in place.  In between them is a 1" thick piece of upholstery foam covered with my leather.  When these pieces are screwed together the foam/leather pushes up into the cut outs for the two pieces.  Once I assemble all of this I will use leather straps to hold them down into the foam.  The dust check is screwed to the sides of the case to hold the insert in.  Should the foam or leather ever need to be replaced it'll just be a matter of unscrewing the dust check and taking it apart. I've also made 4 compartments to store the cleaning equipment and the balls, wads, and caps.  I spent the better part of today assembling this and it all works.

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