Friday, October 16, 2009

Got Clamps?

There seems to be a long stretch between the beginning of  a project and the time you start to glue parts of it up.  Then, it seems to be an even longer stretch to work out the details and go through the finishing process.  Admittedly, my finish is pretty labor intensive but well worth it in my opinion -- never had a client complain!  Anyway, here's a shot of the pistol case glued together and clamped, I guess it's true that you can't have too many of them!  I don't know about other woodworkers but the time you begin to assemble your work is always somewhat stressful for me.  Each one of the fingers needed to have a thin coat of glue brushed on them and everything has to be done quickly, especially in our dry, desert climate.  During the summer I won't even think about gluing a complicated project together.  Lucky if it's below 85 degrees at 6 am, no problems today though.

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